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what we do


ScreenPoint offers a wide variety of digital media and visual communication services. If you're a small business owner just getting started with video, or if you're a large enterprise needing a comprehensive visual communications program, we can help.


what's your story?

we help brands inspire, educate and motivate their

audiences through powerful visual storytelling

how we do it


Engaging, compelling content is at the heart of our communications programs. So when it comes to the creation of your media we work to achieve the highest degree of quality and creativity. Our approach to your success is built on five basic steps: Listen, Plan, Create, Deliver and Measure.


why video?


It’s clear that anyone wanting to reach their audience online must use video to be most effective. Video is immediate, compelling and captivating. The proliferation of mobile devices means virtually anyone can consume video anywhere, anytime, and the opportunity to inspire, educate and motivate has never been greater. 


what our customers say

"ScreenPoint delivers exceptional quality and value."

          -Vice President, Marketing, Nexius

"Creativity, flexibility and the power to execute."

          -Sales Operations, Hewlett Packard

"Hollywood-caliber video backed by a highly effective content delivery program."

          -Managing Partner, Trailblazer Capital

"Professional staff, easy to work with.  ScreenPoint always exceeds our expectations."

          -Director, RevTech Accelerator
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